Frequently Asked Questions

My QR code is much larger than your demo QR Code. Will the animation quality match when there's so many more squares?

The challenge of animating many more squares in a similar pattern of the original demonstration animation you select is a challenge we excel at. We also tailor the animations to take advantage of any unique shapes within your particular QR code to make the most interesting animations.

Can you post more demonstrations of your animation and coloring options?

We expect to publish a much broader catalog of available animations to choose from by spring of 2015.

How will the animation affect the scannability of the code?

The QR code will still be quite scannable even with the animation. We custom tailor our animations to be brief and with multiple rest periods which are immediately scannable by most all cellphone barcode apps. Some clients insist on longer animations and make the concession that their animated QR Code may have brief periods of non-scannability, but this is only done when requested, and still results in only a few second delay at most. 

Why would anyone want an animated QR code on a website when it simply brought them to a different web address? Isn't that what links are for?

This service is for providing animations to vendors, who then display these images to passing customers in public spaces and who wish to entice their customers to quickly scan a QR code to share specific information about a product. Also, some website folks just like interesting visuals on their websites.

How do you create these animations?

With hard work and attention to detail. Also key is an exemplary blend of highly experienced animators with highly skilled software engineers.

Is this 2d or 3d animation?

Primarily 3d, though at this time we are only publicly revealing animations that are limited in 2d within our 3d capabilities.

How long will it take for you to make my animation?

It depends on which service you purchase. Pure-Mirage offers custom single orders created uniquely for individual clients, usually taking less than 5 days.

We are resellers for Animated Codes Made Easy LLC, for which we can offer sales for Subscription* or
Realtime* services. Subscription services have turnaround in 2-4 hours, and realtime services are returned in a range of 0.6-4.0 seconds

* These services are currently in development, see below.

Why is this so expensive?

Animation is time consuming work. We believe this to be the highest quality animation available at this price point by almost an order of magnitude, or even much more if you consider the budgets of digital animation studios.

I have many QR codes I'll be creating over time, but your base cost per QR code is above my current budget. Do you offer subscription services at a lower cost per created animation?

We do not offer subscription service at this time, but does.

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