Below are links to movie files taken Aug 20-21st 2017 atop Ryan Peak (The lower elevation one - there's apparently two) in Idaho during the 2017 Solar Eclipse.

- I chose 'The West' as the best place because the coastlines and midwest have higher cloud likelihoods, while summertime in the west has puffy cumulous clouds here and there, or a thundercell that can be driven away from.

- I chose this specific location in Idaho because it was right on the maximum totality line, with the longest time of eclipse in the area. It was also on a ridgeline that was aligned North-South, so we could see the shadow coming and going in the valleys either side.

- We really lucked out - no clouds blocking the event.

- We were at ~8500 feet above MSL - it got COLD very fast during totality!

- Defeated by Technology! The combination of HDR and a lack of fixed exposure setting make us all look like idiots because we're all getting excited about it getting dark but in the footage it looks like normal daylight exposure. This is because the camera is doing a great job of auto adjuting exposure. But once totality umbra hits, you can tell. If you look very closely, you can see many pulses of brightness as the camera keeps having to catch up with the dimming light by automatically opening its aperture.

- We met great people up there, most had all done the same research on their own to decide to come to this spot.

- Sorry about the wind noise.

- These can play directly in your browser, but choppy on older computers / slow connections, in which case you'd best download them first and watch the local copy.

DayBefore - 1 Minute
360Before - 30 Seconds
JustBefore - 40 Seconds
SharpShadowsJustBefore - 22 Seconds
BigMomentTrimmed - 4:34 <------ If you watch just one, this is the one.
TheBigMomentFull - 8:34