Train Animation


~~~ Some popular reviews of this animation ~~~

"I like your film so much, that I have put a link on my desktop to the file so that I can quickly and easily show this to friends and family."

"Wow that was nice. Enough to motivate me to get into computer animation."

"Simply Amazing!...if they make the graphics in train simulators this good, that would be something!"

"[I ran] across this extraordinary rendered video of a diesel locomotive running through the desert. Be warned that you will need a high bandwidth connection to view the video, but it is well worth it. "

"I just wanted to thank you for an awesome train animation. I am raising my 18 month old grandson. He is fascinated with trains and can sit for an hour watching your train animation repeatedly. He is mesmerized. Great job."

"I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think your train animation is! I hope to become a animator one day and your animation is just an inspiration for me. I've watched it 20 times already ( I usually watch something 2 or 3 times...when they're real good!) So yea you can tell that I just can't enough of it. The camera movement is perfect, it doesn't feel like I'm being forced to look somewhere it moves exactly like I would move if I was really there. And the soundtrack is perfect for the animation, I love it! I think you made a hell of a animation and I can't wait to see Kelso Locomotion |||. Keep up the good work!!! I'm off to watch your animation again!"

"My 20-month-old son loves trains so I showed him your animation. He loves it! (every time). I hope you plan to do more animation in the future. I know it wasn't necessarily your intention, but I think kids will love this sort of thing. Please give us another one soon!"

"I thought I had seen a little 3-year old boy go physically bonkers over train stuff. Any train stuff. Not just Thomas, crack for little boys. But your train animation, found simply Googling train animation, has him mesmerized. The soundtrack, the sync of whistle to whistle, the gentle outro. He loves it. His ritual icebreaker into how to communicate with a computer. It rocks. Wanted to give it up and say thanks for taking the time..."